Usuk MP calms residents

Residents in Olilim Parish in Palam sub county, Usuk county- Katakwi district have breathed a sigh of relief after having a long day engagement with their area Member of Parliament [MP]- Peter Ogwang.

MP Peter Ogwang talking to locals in Olilim on Sunday. PHOTO BY NOAH OMUYA

The MP held engagement meetings with Constituents and discussed issues of concern.

Some of the issues raised were the bad States of community access roads, shortage of water collection points [boreholes], unlawful gazzating of community land by some individuals, and among others, the continuous theft of animals by Karamojong, an act which is now changing style [Karamojongs now steal animals during day time], & demand for results from London about the border line. 

In response, Ogwang pledged contribute 200 litres of fuel to help in the rescue of the state of Olilim- Aterai road in Palam sub county.

This particular road is in dire state and according to Ogwang, he will this week coordinate with the district local government to see how the work can successfully be done.

There are other major roads that have raised alarm in Usuk county.

An example is a road that connects Usuk sub county and Ongongoja Sub county which has over time paralized movement and business between the sub counties.

While in a brief talk show at Joshua FM this evening, Ogwang announced to the public that a team from Uganda National Roads Authority [UNRA] is already in the area to survey the road and the work will soon kick off.

“This road has been a nightmare and I have personally had a taste of it when I recently went to Ongongoja,” said Ogwang.

MP Peter Ogwang while in a talkshow at Joshua FM. PHOTO BY: NOAH OMUYA

While in Palam, Ogwang asked the locals to stay calm on the issues of the boarder line between Teso and Karamoja.

He further called for embracement of peaceful co-existance between Iteso and Karamojong communities.

“We have finally solved the issues of the boarder. We got the maps that showed where which community belongs,” he said.

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According to him, the results of the border maps between Teso and Karamoja that were retrieved from London will be presented before Parliament this coming week and the Minister of Lands will make a communiq of what was found.

“I want to ask you my people to stay put on the border issues, everything is now solved. I am not allowed to announce what was found out from the London maps, but what I can tip you is that, your land is not affected,” said Ogwang as locals clapped hands.

On the issue of the continuous theft of animals, Ogwang has called for a strong security meeting next week on Sunday 13th October, 2019 in Olilim, Palam sub county.

In that meeting, it is sought that the whole security team that includes the army, ASTUQUE, RDCs office, DISO and the district leadership will be in attendance.

In the meeting, the MP asked locals to have a full day engagement with the heads of security and seek for peaceful resolutions.

Affected residents raised to the ears of the MP that whenever their animals are stolen, their efforts to get necessary assistance from responsible offices have always remained futile.


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