Iteso Want MP Quarantined for Misinterpreting The Presidents Directive on Closure of Churches

Even the Pope is under quarantine. Hon Osegge should just be locked up quarantined too to keep her from polluting the minds of some savedees

Soroti Woman Member of Parliament, Hon. Angelline Osegge, while delivering at the August House.

Soroti Woman Member of Parliament, Angelline Osegge has received hot soup for what is termed as misinterpreting the Presidents directive on public gatherings, as a measure of preventing probable spread of Coronavirus [COVID-19].

While giving her submission to the plenary of Parliament on Thursday 19th March, 2020, the legislator questioned the guideline which was read out by president Yoweri Museni, of stopping all religious gatherings for the next 30 days, with immediate effect.

In her suggestion, Osegge wants the directive of closure of Churches revised, saying that it is the last place that should be closed in Uganda.

“What is impossible with man, is possible with God,” said Osegge.


Social Media reactions on one of the major WhatsApp platforms [Teso Development Forum], that collects all the intellectuals in the subregion, were not fine with Osegge’s submission.

Moses Ariong, a social and economic analyst from Amuria district reminded the MP that even the Pope of the Holly Catholic Church is under quarantine because of COVID-19.

“Even the Pope is under quarantine. Hon Osegge should just be locked up quarantined too to keep her from polluting the minds of some savedees,” Ariong stated.

Ariong supported his argument saying that “…475 people died on Wednesday alone in Italy. They have over 11,000 infected and the spread has not even peaked (the epidemiology curve is still moving upwards) and there is nothing more to joke about this thing.”

In a similar submission, Julius Enyalu, a renown “political general” in the region said that Osegge might not have a strong idea about God.

“She practically does not know God or pray more than Italians where the Pope himself stays,” he stated.

Enyalu in his argument added that “Instead of her to tell her to tell her Church members to stay at home and be safe, she is there condemning the President’s attempt in keeping the Country safe.”

Deborah Aguti, another strong contributor in the same Forum, reminded the MP that “going to warship places is a choice and not mandatory.”

According to Aguti, she feels that a Church is where she finds refuge.

“Besides, there is not any difference between the Church and the open arcades/ malls in Kampala,” stated Aguti.

On the other hand, the Uganda People’s Congress Party Chairman, Mr. Lawrence Okae, who also happens to be a senior contributor in TDF stressed that the MP should have played her role as a leader smartly on the Coronavirus matter.

“The situation is tense and precaurious! It would do honorable Osegge better if she took a middle line on this matter!” stated Okae.

While addressing the country on Wednesday 18th March, 2020, the President ordered a ban on public gatherings to deter the virus despite Uganda not having any confirmed case yet.

Giving an answer to the question of why suspend prayers, the President stated that:

“What if a person that is not yet infected today with the virus is infected tomorrow, Thursday the 19th of March, 2020, was to be infected in the last Service that had been called “to pray for the last time?” How would God forgive us and how would we forgive ourselves?”  When it comes to health, it is better to be a coward and be on the side of caution.  If there is no danger after one month, that will be good. If there was danger, we would have avoided it.”

According to President Museveni, prayers will continue but in homes and the

religious leaders were advised to use TVs, Radio stations to continue preaching.

“His Holiness, Pope Francis, as usual set a good example of enlightenment on this by abandoning his customary preaching in St. Peters’ Square and is instead, using the TV,” explained the President.

All East African countries except Uganda have confirmed cases of coronavirus. The disease has spread to approximately 150 countries including China prompting WHO to declare the disease as a global pandemic.

The novel coronavirus has killed more than 6,500 worldwide, according to an estimate from Johns Hopkins University, which is tracking cases reported by the World Health Organization and additional sources.

At least 174,085 cases have been confirmed globally with 77,866 recovered cases according to worldometer statistics.

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