Stop Bringing COVID-19 Suspects To My District: Moroto LC5 Cries

By: Timothy Eodu

“The facility does not have enough space to cater for all cases of the virus, in case it hit the region in the future,” said the Napaja.

The Moroto district LC V Chairman, Andrew Keem Napaja, has warned his neighboring district authorities to desist from transporting Coronavirus suspected cases to his district.

According to Napaja, authorities in the districts that are near Moroto should set up emergency quarantine centres to help isolate suspected cases that enter their respective districts to avoid over crowding of the Moroto Regional Referral Hospital [MRRH], the only quarantine center in Karamoja region.

“The facility does not have enough space to cater for all cases of the virus, in case it hit the region in the future,” said the Napaja.

Andrew Keem Napaka, LC V, Moroto district.

The Chairman also advised district authorities to utilize the various Health Centers and schools as isolation centers such that, further spread of the virus within the facility [MRRH] that is already crowded by other patients, can be avoided as directed by the President during his address to the nation recently.

This cry comes just a week after two buses suspected to be carrying travelers from the Boarder town of Busia entered the region and impounded at the Regional Referral Hospital for medical checks.

Three of the travelers have ever since been quarantined at the facility while waiting for the test results from the Uganda Centre for Disease Control [UCDC] and up to date, the facility has not received any new suspected cases of Covid-19.

Uganda has by today, registered 18 cases of COVID-19.

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