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Curfew: Katakwi RDC Apologizes for Security Brutality in the District

By Benjamin Epeduno

The Deputy Resident District Commissioner for Katakwi, Vincent Enomu has apologized to the residents of the district for the increased records of brutality exercised by security personnel in the name of implementing the Presidential directives of the lockdown.

Aica has recorded that the Police and Local Defense Unit (LDU) personnel on Monday 6th April, 2020 brutally assaulted a one, Sylvia Acen in her house in the guise of dispersing people who were drinking Ajon [local brew] in Dokomer cell of Katakwi town council.

In the spate of the operation, Acen unfortunately was seriously beaten until a piece of a cane which was used for whipping her, got stuck in her thigh and was rushed to Katakwi Hospital in a critical condition which required surgery.

“I still feel much pain from the stitches of the wound where they got out a stick from. The RDC, LC5 and other leaders have come to see me here at the hospital,” said Acen, who was in pain when speaking to Aica at Katakwi General Hospital.

Sylvia Acen speaking while at hospital bed.

“We talked to the victim and we realized that she was beaten at her home which is against the directive of the President,” stated Enomu.

The RDC further disclosed to Aica that authorities held a meeting and it was agreed that a case file is going to be opened against the Police officers who brutalized the 26-year-old.

Mr. Silver Emuroit, a human rights activist in the district says the violation of human rights in Katakwi is at a high gear and urged the District leadership to immediately curb the situation.

Silver Emuroit showing photos of the injury sustained by Acen.

According to Emuroit, the victim was attacked from her compound which was next to the bar where operation took place from.

On the evening of April 05th, 2020, Joseph Okiror, a resident of Ochorimongin sustained serious injuries after he was attacked by the Police deployed in the area.

Joseph Okiror receiving treatment after being hit by a Police officer in Katakwi earlier in the week.

President Yoweri Museveni earlier in the week warned security personnel especially the Local Defence Unit (LDUs) against misinterpreting his directives on enforcement of the lockdown intended to halt the spread Coronavirus.

Addressing the nation on the evening of Wednesday 08th April, 2020, the president said it had been brought to his attention that security officers especially LDUs misinterpret his directives and terrorize members of the public.

“Security personnel should handle issues firmly but legally. Beating people is giving our security forces a bad image! That beating which is illegal, pointless, what are you beating 4lfor? This is isolating us internationally and internally.”

It has been reported in the past few days that many people have either been arrested or beaten by security officers after being found in their compounds or verandas during times of curfew.

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