State house starts investigation of police brutality in Katakwi

The anti-corruption unit of State house has started investigations into the matters of continued misinterpretation of the Presidential directive on maintain order [curfew] in Katakwi district.

On the evening [08:00pm] of Wednesday 20th May, 2020, Police assaulted and tortured journalists who were got heading to their duty station as Media.

Mr Tumwine Raymond who seats at the front desk of the anti-corruption unit in the state house said that, they on Thursday received a recording revealing how two journalists in Katakwi were assaulted by Police in the process of enforcing curfew.

The assaulted journalists are Benjamin Epeduno and Richard Onapatum, all working with Joshua FM, a radio station based in the districts. The duo we caught while on their way heading for their duty at the station.

Benjamin Epeduno and Richard Onapatum, who were assaulted by Police.

Mr Tumwine said that the information has already been shared with Mr Maxwell Ogwal the regional police commander East Kyoga so that the two police officers are brought to book

Police records from Katakwi Central Police Station indicate that, the enforcers identified as enforcers identified as Fred Olore, a Prisons warden and Okello, a police officer attached to Katakwi police station, proceeded to open a case of obstruction [53/20/05/2020] against journalists.

Maxwell Ogwal the RPC East Kyoga has told Aica that, his office has got into action and promised to give a feedback by close of day.

State house operatives has also affirmed that the Police officers involved in the incident must serve as an example to the rest of the forces for have continuously misinterpreted the President’s directive of maintaining order during the lockdown.

Las month, the Deputy RDC for Katakwi apologized to the district for the related cases of brutality of security enforcers in the locality.

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