Robbing from voters: Why Alupo’s victory should not be celebrated

If Tanga Odoi plays a fair play for Katakwi Woman MP race by nullifying the contested results of Okulonyo and Okore sub counties, Akurut would win with a difference of 3,000 votes.

Jessica Alupo [on black coat] facing off with Akurut Violet Adome [on Kitenge dress] before the NRM Registrar, a day after elections. PHOTO BY: NOAH OMUYA
Uganda’s ruling party, the National Resistance Movement [NRM] conducted her primary elections for positions of district and constituency representatives on Friday 4th September, 2020. This was in preparation for the upcoming general elections in the country which is supposed to be held in 2021.

In Katakwi district of eastern Uganda, results for the District Woman MP position have been contested after irregularities such as vote rigging were cited.

Akurut Violet Adome, the incumbent area MP raised her appeal to the NRM Electoral Commission on claims that the final results were announced before one of the sub counties that she has a strong hold, were tallied.

In her appeal, Akurut contests results on grounds that apart from just the exclusion of results from Okore sub county, those from Okulonyo Sub County highlighted what she termed “day light robbing of innocent voters.”

While showing the “original” declaration forms her agents managed to keep, Akurut said that the votes that the Registrar announced contained exaggerated figures.


In her appeal, Akurut said that a crew of gangsters was sent waylay the returning officer who was supposed to deliver results to the tallying point. This led to the delay of delivery of results and by the time Police was dispatched to rescue the situation, it was already 9:00pm in the night.

The district NRM Rigistrer, out of pressure announced final results before including those from Okore Sub County.

The provisional declaration indicated that Alupo Jessica got a total of 38,582 votes, Akurut Violet Adome 29,435, Apuuno Claire had 13,760 while Anuken Angella got 824.

Alupo Jessica Rose Epel, told Aica that “they” cried to the top leadership of the party to stop the inclusion of results from Okore sub county in the official declaration.

She explained that their worry was because of late delivery and nobody knew what could have happened to them.

Were votes rigged?

After an interview with Akurut, Aica visited the office of the NRM Registrar and opportunity was granted to revisit the results.

On claims of exaggerated figures as per Akurut’s appeal, Aica found out that the results for Okulonyo Sub County alone were greater than the total number of voters in Usuk County [where Okulonyo itself belongs].

In Okulonyo Sub County, Alupo was announced to have garnered a total of 16,466 votes, Akurut had 4,152 votes, Apuuno scored 152 votes while Anuken had only 54 votes.

How is this rigging?

The NRM membership register of 2020 indicates that Okulonyo sub county as a whole has a total of 2,645 “would be” voters, against the total of 20,928 votes that are indicated to have been got be the four candidates.

However, President Yoweri Museveni, the NRM party chairman gave a directive of the eve of elections that anybody with a National ID was allowed to participate in the lining behind a candidate of choice. This would somehow explain why the number rose from some villages 10 times the official number of registered party members.

Failed Mathematics

Part I

This is the conclusion to the question of why the results were worthy a contest or, whether the winner should continue celebrating victory.

Results for Usuk Constituency flag bearer indicated that Okiror Bosco polled 6,827 votes, Anyakoit Cecilia got 2,909 votes, Eng. Ochero had 2,559 votes and Ocailap Filbert Geoffrey had 1,788 votes.

However, according to the official declaration forms that Aica came across at the office of the NRM Registrar, it is indicated that in Okulonyo, one of the sub counties that form Usuk County, Okiror Bosco scored a total of 218 votes, Anyakoit Cecilia had 642 votes, Eng. Ochero Julius had 20,247 votes, and Ocailap Filbert had 130 votes.

This leaves a big question mark of how the general results for Usuk Constituency has a total of 14,083 votes and yet, Okulonyo sub county, found in the same Constituency has a total of 21,250 votes.

Where were 7,167 votes taken?

Part II

Results from Amaritoit village in Okuliak parish of the same Okulonyo Sub County were crafted that Alupo Jessica Epel got 58 votes, Akurut Violet Adome had 28 votes, while both Anuken Angella and Apuuno Claire were indicated to have scored zero to bring a total 86 votes.

In order to make these results appear to be real, the machinery behind this tried to balance with the Constituency display that; Ochero got 20 votes, Anyakoit had 62, Okiror got 04 while Ocailap scored zero votes.

Results for Woman MP in Amaritoit village, Okuliak Parish
Results for Usuk constituency MP in Amaritoit village, Okuliak parish.

The crafter died in his/her own movie when s/he indicated the total number of those votes [for Ochero, Anyakoit, Okiror and Ocailap] was 86- to match those for the Woman MP contestants, and yet in actual sense, the total of these particular votes = 109.

Who is the actual winner of the Woman MP flag?

The fate of the actual winner of the Woman MP flag for Katakwi district still rests at the hands of Tanga Odoi, the Electoral Commission chairperson of the NRM party.

Patrick Imeri, the NRM Registrar for Katakwi district said that his hands are tight and cannot review the decision of declaration of the matter.

Imeri added that, the matter is now left at the hands of the NRM legal team.

If Tanga Odoi plays a fair play for Katakwi Woman MP race by nullifying the contested results of Okulonyo and Okore sub counties, our statistics show that:

 Official results- contested results= final supposed to be results

Alupo- 38,582- 16,466= 22,116.

Akurut- 29,435- 4,152= 25,283

Apuuno- 13,760- 152= 13,608

Anuken– 824- 158= 666

This means that Akurut would have an overall run of genuine votes totaling to 25,282, against Alupo who wiould be having 22,116, followed by Apuuno- 13,608 and then Anuken with 666 votes.

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  1. The reality of this election in katakwi District is seen.
    The electoral commission of NRM must be scratching every kind of rigging types that they have compared to the used in katakwi District.

    Let the NRM electoral commission chair headquarters totally NULLIFY the contested results.

    Thanks AICA for the good annalisis that you have brought and the team of Journalists you have.

    Continue with truth

  2. If Tanga Odois doesn’t deliver justice to Hon. Akurut, then it’s us to that for her.

    We shall move around katakwi and collect signatures to remove a thief, robber from the office.

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