Minister Ogwang Rallies Support For Gen. Muhoozi In Teso

Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba is expected to visit Teso between 14th - 16th August, 2023

The time of us leading from behind as Iteso is over. How shall we meaningfully participate in a decision-making table when we lead from behind?” Minister Peter Ogwang.



The Minister of State for Sports, Peter Ogwang (central), speaking to the coordinators in Kumi. Next to him are Hon Aeku Patrick, his deputy coordinator (left) and Hon Silas Aogon, the Kumi Municipality MP (Right).

he Minister of State for Sports, Peter Ogwang, who also doubles as the Teso sub regional coordinator for the MK movement has kickstarted rallying people in Teso to embrace the MK ideology of unity, continued peace and prosperity ahead of Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s visit in the sub region mid this month.

While addressing two meetings in Soroti City and Kumi district headquarters respectively on Saturday 5th August, the Minister educated the invited coordinators at division and ward levels in Soroti City East Division, and sub county coordinators in Kumi district that the intention for Gen. Muhoozi’s visit in Teso is to discuss with the locals the challenges faced in the region, familiarize with the MK Movement structures, among other activities.

“As a coordinator of the MK Movement in Teso, I would like to call upon all of us to embrace the movement and be at the frontline. The time of us leading from behind as Iteso is over. How shall we meaningfully participate in a decision-making table when we lead from behind?” asked Minister Ogwang while addressing the coordinators in Soroti East.

Accompanying Ogwang while in Soroti were the Minister of State for Fisheries, Hellen Adoa, Soroti City East MP, Herbert Ariko, Soroti County MP, Patrick Aeku Edyangu, among other leaders. In Kumi, he was accompanied by the Kumi Municipality MP, Silas Aogon, the LC5 Chairperson, RDC, DPC among others.

Anticipation for the warm welcome

Ramathan Bogere, the Soroti City East Division speaker applauded Hon. Ogwang’s efforts in popularizing the agenda of MK Movement in Teso, saying the mode of organization is appealing especially to the youthful generation of the region.

“Before Gen. Muhoozi appointed Ogwang to coordinate these activities, we had no appeal to join because the structure was now clear. But with the coming in of Hon Ogwang, we now have a clear sense of direction and we know where we are heading to,” said Bogere.

Bogere added that he is ready to rally the young people to join the movement and be ready in high gear to receive Gen. Muhoozi to Teso.

Apio Vicky Caroline, a business woman in Soroti City said they as women in the Central ward are delighted to receive the General in Teso.

“Some of us have been seeing him in papers, TVs and hearing from the people. Now we are going to see him and listen from him,” she said.

Richard Emanio, the Serere district NRM Chairperson said people in Teso should take the visit of General Muhoozi as an opportunity to raise concerns that will seek for the economic growth of the region.

In Kumi, Nelson Elungat, the district Chairperson expressed his satisfaction with the news that on 14th August, Gen Muhoozi is expected to make a stop at the Kumi district headquarters to address people before proceeding to Soroti City, where there will be a grand ceremony.

“Hon Minister, our expectations are limitless but for now, the most important of all is that the General is going to speak to our people,” said the Chairperson who spoke in the meeting held at Kumis district council chambers on Saturday.

Why Should Teso Celebrate Gen. Muhoozi’s Visit?

Teso sub region has faced a number of insurgencies dating back to early 1980s, when warriors from Karamoja started looting cattle from the region. The raiding began in the north-east spreading gradually south and west towards Soroti, Katine and Kumi.

This destroyed what remained of the region’s economy, with locals losing up to at least more than 500,000 cattle.

Other insurgencies included the formation of the Uganda People’s Army (UPA) which resulted into what was called the Teso war, and the recent one was the attack of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels in 2003 which saw most people sent to Internally Displaced Places (IDPs), children abducted, people killed, women raped and all sorts of atrocities committed.

According to the classified information shared by Minister Ogwang, Gen. Muhoozi in that year commanded the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) which supported the Arrow Group headed by the now Minister of State for Works, Musa Ecweru, the now NRM Vice Chairperson for Eastern Uganda, Hon Flt. Capt. George Mike Mukula and others.

It is believed that during the climax of the war, Gen. Muhoozi commanded a UPDF battalion in which gave the last attack to the LRA in Oculoi, Soroti district and he survived an ambush laid by the LRA.

“We are talking about a man who has put his life on a frontline for the sake of Teso and Uganda. Which son of a President can do that?” said Minister Ogwang in his address.

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