About Aica/ Aica Communications Ltd

Aica (pronounced as ai-cha), literally means Light, that is in Ateso_Ng’karimojong dialects- spoken by Iteso and Karamojong people in the far north and north eastern sub regions of Uganda.

The motto, Aikwenyar Ateker, simply means To Inform the Community. We decided to go traditional so that my target audience feel ownership of the intended information published.

Aica is a subsidiary of Aica Communications Ltd, an individual owned communications company founded by Noah Omuya.

The information published in Aica is given special attention of investigation, which includes going deeper into the story to reveal facts, and not just to break the news, and, our content is multimedia.

We are dedicated to the pursuit of truth and telling a rural story (the story of the minority), to the rest of the world.

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