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COVID19: Why Uganda Extended Days of Lockdown

So far, up to a tune of 5,649 people have been tested and out of that, 54 have been confirmed…

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Coronavirus Suspect Escapes From Soroti Hospital

Stephen Ekoom, the Deputy Redident District Commissioner for Soroti has confirmed to Aica that the security team headed by the…

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UGANDA: Museveni Announces 14 Days Lock Down Over COVID-19

The President directed the Police to arrest any person who will try to politicize the distribution of the food, and…

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Stop Bringing COVID-19 Suspects To My District: Moroto LC5 Cries

“The facility does not have enough space to cater for all cases of the virus, in case it hit the…

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Uganda To Suspend Public Transport If Cases of COVID-19 Increase

Government of Uganda has announced that public transport in the country may suspended, should the cases of COVID-19 increase. According…

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Three COVID-19 Suspects Quarantined In Moroto

Details of all other passengers who shared the bus with the three suspects have been taken and the district health…

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Uganda Bans Sneezing and Coughing Passengers From Using Public Transport

As Uganda is intensifying preventive measures for the probable spread of the COVID-19 [Coronavirus] pandemic, local transport owners [taxi and…

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Uganda: Latest E. African Country To Register Coronavirus Case

The confirmed case presented with high fever and poor appetite, though he is not coughing, neither does he have flue…

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Uganda Shuts Down Borders To Neighboring Countries: Suspends All Passenger Flights

We are not against anyone but this is about manageability_ President Museveni In an effort of intensifying precautionary measures against…

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COVID-19: All KIU Students To Continue Studies Online and WhatsApp

Students are required to electronically submit any given assignments by email to the appropriate Lecturers and copy to the Director…

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