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Minister Ogwang Rallies Support For Gen. Muhoozi In Teso

The time of us leading from behind as Iteso is over. How shall we meaningfully participate in a decision-making table…

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The Embassy of France to Champion Fight Against Unemployment in Uganda

In an effort to address the high unemployment rate among Ugandan youth, particularly young women, the Embassy of France in…

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Aica Partners With TEKAMA and Okabe Foundation to Plant Trees in Serere District

On Saturday May 20th, 2023, Aica Media partnered with the Teso Karamoja Media Agency (TEKAMA). Okabe Foundation and other organizations…

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Bugisu Farmers To Use Floodwaters For Irrigation Of Their Farms

The Elgon region in Uganda, which includes two sub-regions of Sebei and Bugisu, have been hit by increasingly frequent and…

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Mbale City Embraces Groundwater to Solve Water Shortages

By Jenipher Nakuti Authorities in Mbale city, together with the citydwellers, have turned their attention to groundwater as an alternative…

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Groundwater Contributes to Reduction of Gender-Based Violence in Eastern Uganda

By Melanie Aanyu A section of girls and women in the Eastern Sub-region of Bugisu have revealed that the quest…

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Climate Change Prompts Gender Based Violence Issues in Uganda: Locals Team Up

In Uganda, as in many other countries in Africa, the stresses of climate change are already being felt. The changing…

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Alebtong District Launches Construction of Tarmac Road

In a bid to improve the road infrastructure, the administration of Alebtong district has started the construction works of the…

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Karimojong rustlers Cause Security Conflicts in Teso and Acholi Regions

Members of Parliament from the Teso and Acholi sub-regions have urged the Government to rein in on the rampant cattle…

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Climate Change Leads to Bloodshed in Uganda’s Karamoja Region

As everyone was celebrating a new year, 2021, little did Margaret Lemukol, a 64 year old woman know that it…

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